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Squish D'lish | July 19, 2018

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All shapes and sizes

Here you will find all the details about what size wrap you need and what different parts of different carriers measure. Don’t forget that fabric allowing I can also make the measurements to your specification.

What size wrap do I need?


    • Mei tai: Size 7 with a hood, size 6 without.
    • Half buckle: Size 6/7 with a hood and/or structured waist band, size 5 without.
    • Onbuhimo: Size 5 with a hood, size 4 without.
    • Podaegi: Size 6/7 with a hood, size 5 without (size 2-3 for just a panel and hood)
    • Full buckle: Size 3 with a hood, size 2 without.
    • Reverse half buckle (with mei tai or ring waist) size 5 with a hood, size 4 without


    ***If your wrap has steep tapers and/or a large pattern repeat or you require lots of extras/an oversize pixie hood or long straps then you may need to size up or add other fabrics***

    What size are Squish D’lish carriers?

    The body panel from the straps to the waistband and across the widest part of the set are as follows:

    • Baby size – 14″ x 14″ (35cm)
    • Standard size¬† – 16″ x 16″ (40cm)
    • Toddler size – 18″ x 18″ (45cm)
    • Pre-school size 20″ x 20″ (50cm)

    *custom sizes are available upon request*

    Shoulder strap lengths


    Mei tai/half buckle/podaegi


      • Petite – 70″ (180cm)
      • Standard – 78″ (200cm)
      • Long – 86″ (220cm)


      *Petite straps have 14″ (35cm) of padding, standard and long have 16″ (40cm) of padding (padded straps only)*



        • Petite – 55″ (140cm)
        • Standard – 63″ (160cm)
        • Long – 70″ (180cm)


        *Padding when requested is 14″ (35cm) but can be longer/shorter upon request*

        Full Buckle:

        One size – 14″ – 20″ (35cm – 50cm) with strap adjusters. Padding is 12″ (30cm)


        Waist straps are 29″ (75cm) each side of the carrier on a Mei tai and 24″ (60cm) on a buckle waist. Onbu waist loops are 3″. These can be longer upon request providing the wrap supplier is long enough.

        *All measurements are approximate*