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Squish D'lish | July 19, 2018

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Carrier Types

I currently offer 7 different styles of carrier each of which are fully customizable to suit your preferences.

Mei tai – This is a carrier with tie shoulder and waist straps and an be worn on the front, hip and back. It is suitable from birth onwards and should be sized to fit the child.

mei tai
Half buckle – This is a carrier with shoulder straps that tie and a waist that has a buckle closure. This can also be worn on the front, hip or back and is sized to the child.


half buckle2

Reverse half buckle – This carrier has buckled shoulder straps but a tie or sling ring waist.
Full buckle – This style of carrier buckles at the waist and the shoulder straps so there is nothing to tie.

Ring tie waist – This carrier is similar to a half buckle but the waist fastens with sling rings instead of a buckle.
ring waist
Onbuhimo -  Similar to a mei tai as it has tie shoulder straps with a single loop or sling ring each side of the waist band to thread them through before tying off.
Podaegi -  This carrier has a large blanket style body panel with tie shoulder straps and can be used from newborn to pre-school.