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Squish D'lish | July 19, 2018

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Custom Options

These are the optional extras I offer but if you want something that isn’t listed please ask and I’ll do my best to make it for you. Please bare in mind I can not copy other peoples work.

 All carriers (except the podaegi which is one size) are available in these standard sizes. If you would like a custom size please ask and I’ll see if it’s something I can do.


Baby – Body panel size 14 x 14 inches – Approximately newborn -18 months

Standard – Body panel size 16 x 16 inches – Approximately 6 months – 2 years

Toddler – Body panel size 18 x 18 inches – Approximately 18 months – 3 years

Pre-school – Body panel size 20 x 20 inches – Approximately 3 years onwards

Waist options

Apron/unstructred – This is very soft waist style that can be easily cinched for a small baby and folds down small so makes the carrier easy to stow away. It can come with a buckle, tie or ring waist. The carrier would be fastened on upside down like an apron, using the bottom of the carrier to make a seat for the child. 



Structured waist – This is available in two styles; Firm structured and soft structured. The firm has a foam insert and the soft a layer of polyester wadding. This style is only available with a buckle waist. The top stitching may vary to fit the design of the wrap/fabric.



Soft structured with extra topstitching –  This has the same shape and padding as the soft structured but has extra topstitching which helps the waist to hold it’s shape when worn. Still soft and mouldable but more structured without feeling bulky. 


Strap options

Mei Tai shoulder straps – These are 4 inches wide and have 16 inches of light padding from the body panel over the shoulder. They are available in 3 lengths; petite (1.8m), standard (2m) and long (2.2m). They can be longer if required with a standard carrier but 2.2m is the maximum possible with a wrap conversion. The padding can be left out if preferred.




Wrap straps – These are half the width of the wrap, box pleated to attach to the body panel, then flare out over the wearers back and babies bottom. Petite length is 1.8m, standard 2m and long 2.2m.


Padded to wrap straps – These are a cross between the mei tai and wrap straps giving you an area of padding over your shoulders before flaring to half the width of the wrap allowing you to spread the material over the child’s bottom adding extra support.



Hood options

Ladybird hood – This is my ladybird shaped flat hood, especially good for children who don’t like their head completely enclosed.



Flat/adjustable hood – This is a flat panel with ties either side to secure the hood when up. Different fabrics can be used either side to create a different look. The adjustable option will allow the hood to be gathered on the sides and tied in place.



 Sweat hood – This is in the style of a hood on a sweatshirt and can be lined with a contrasting fabric or made reversible to match the other side of the carrier. This also has ties on either side.



 Pixie hood – This can be made as a standard size or an extra large “wizard” hood. The larger size requires a lot of fabric so can only be made on standard carriers or with a larger wrap supplied etc





A padded headrest can be added to any carrier, to make a carrier with a head rest and hood reversible the hood must be made detachable. The headrest is lightly padded and has a layer of canvas inside to give it support. It can be folded down when not in use.