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Squish D'lish | July 19, 2018

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What is a Mei tai?

The modern style of Mei Tai (MT) I offer is a version of the traditional carriers of Asia. They have straps to tie at the waist and long shoulder straps coming off a rectangular panel that encases your child. They are very versatile, suitable for front, back and hip carries and can be tied off in several ways.

What is a half buckle?

A half buckle (HB) is essentially a Mei Tai but with a buckle at the waist instead of ties. This can make it quicker to put on and some people find them more supportive though it is personal preference. This can be reversed in to a “reverse half buckle” and the waist can fasten with a tie while the shoulder straps buckle. This is also a very versatile carrier that can be used and tied in many ways.

What’s a full buckle?

My full buckle is a variation of a soft structured carrier (SSC) with a buckle to fasten the waist and the shoulder straps. It can have a soft unstructured waist which makes it like a Mei Tai with buckles or a firm structured waist spreading the weight over your hips depending on you custom choices. This style can be less versatile (though still suitable for front and back carries) but can be easier to use for some people.

What size wrap do I need for a conversion?

  • You will need a 7 for a mei tai style with all the extras, but may get away with a 6 if you don’t want a hood or other accessories – depending on the wrap. Just contact me to check first.
  • For a half buckle, a size 6/7 – again, depending on your custom choices and wrap.
  • A full buckle, a size 3/4. COMING SOON
  • Podaegi, a size 5/6/7 depending on custom choices, or just a size 2/3 if you choose cord/twill straps.

Always measure your wrap before sending it to me to be sure of its size.


What size are your carriers?

The body panels from the straps to the waist bands are as follows:

  • Baby size – 14″ x 14″
  • Standard – 16″ x 16″
  • Toddler – 18″ x 18″
  • Pre school – 20″ x 20″

Shoulder strap lengths are:

  • Petite – 180cm
  • Standard – 200cm
  • Extra long – 220cm

Strap padding is 16″ but can be shorter/longer upon request

Waist straps are 75cm each side of the carrier on a mei tai and 60cm on a buckle waist. These can be longer upon request providing the wrap supplied is long enough.

All measurements are approximate


I don’t know what style I want, how do I decide?

I am more than happy to discuss all options with you before you buy your slot and recommend finding your local sling library if you want to try out different style carriers before choosing one.


What age child can I use your carriers for?

My carriers are suitable from birth with the correct custom options. For a new born you will need a baby size and I recommend wrap straps to spread across the baby, to give them optimum back support and to prevent them falling out of the sides of a carrier while very small.

From 4-6 months, depending on the weight/size and head control, other options will be suitable.

A full buckle carrier is suitable from around 10lb, again with the correct custom options.

The carriers can be used until your child is ready to not be carried anymore as they are available in a pre-school size. If this size isn’t big enough for your child, please contact me to discuss a custom sized body to meet your needs.


Are the carriers safety tested?

They have not been tested in a lab – there are currently no laws requiring carrier makers to do so. With all the different options I offer it would cost too much as a small business to have them all tested. The carriers have however, been designed and tested by experienced babywearers – and they are where the real testing lies. They have tested for strength, comfort, design and positioning.

My carriers are sewn with extra-strong thread, using a specially designed method that spreads the stress evenly over the carrier, to prevent breaking. They are extremely durable.

I have product and public liability insurance for your peace of mind, but unfortunately this means that I can’t sell my products to America or Canada.



I will accept returns within 14 days (from the date the item is received) for faulty items, for either a full or partial refund or repair if appropriate. Please contact me immediately if you have any problems with a full description and photographs of the fault so I can decide the appropriate course of action. I will not accept returns due to customer damage or general wear and tear of the carrier. I will not accept returns after the 14 day period has elapsed, but I am happy to take on a carrier for maintenance or repairs after this time with all costs being covered by the customer – please contact me for a quote.



I do all my work from home where we do have a cat. All fabrics are kept in lidded storage boxes away from the cat and everything will be lint rolled before posting. If any fabric needs washing I use natural, eco-friendly detergent.


Do you offer any discounts?

I sometimes have special offers, which will be announced on my Facebook page. I offer a 20% discount to sling libraries – please contact me for more details.


How do I wash my carrier?

If I have converted a wrap for you, then check the manufacturer’s instructions for that particular wrap, even if the wrap is only used for a panel and wash in accordance or at a max of 30oC on a delicate wash. With a ring sling I suggest putting inside an old pillow case before washing, to help prevent the rings banging and getting scratched.

If the carrier is made from “standard” fabric then wash at a max of 30oC unless otherwise stated. I always recommend a gentle, eco-friendly liquid detergent without optical brighteners and no softener, and line dry to keep the carrier in good condition. Always wash a new “standard” carrier before the first use with similar colours, to remove any excess dye.

I only buy fabric from the EU, made to EU safety standards, and use non-toxic dyes when dying the fabric myself. If you have a baby who likes to suck the straps I recommend using suck pads, or wrapping a muslin cloth around the area the baby sucks to prevent damage to the carrier.

Contact address as of March 14th 2015

Squish D’lish, Emma Palmer, 6 Hillside, Felmingham, North Walsham, NR28 0LE