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Squish D'lish | July 19, 2018

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Ring Sling Conversions

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Shoulder Options Available


Dorothy Shoulder


 ”Dorothy Shoulder” 

This simple gathered shoulder is very versatile and comfortable. A great choice for a first time user of ring slings. This style can sit on the shoulder, cup the shoulder or be folded to suit the wearer’s needs. £18.00




“Grace Shoulder”

This gives an elegant, smooth finish with hidden accordion pleats. It sits neatly on the shoulder while the pleating gives it a “cushy” feel. Ideal for shoulders that need a bit of padding.




“Agnes Shoulder”

Classic knife pleats, great for showing off stripes. Can sit on the shoulder or cup it comfortably.

Ida Shoulder

“Ida Shoulder”

Wide and sturdy center pleats, great for spreading the weight across the shoulder.

Ida Shoulder

“Eesti Shoulder”

This style gives the best of both worlds with pleats on the rails, narrowing the shoulder while still having the versatility of simple gathering. Available with kind permission from Karen Hoppis.


What size ring sling should I order?
Please use this as a rough guide. Body shape, height and the size of the child will all affect the exact length of the sling when worn.
X small – UK dress size 12 or smaller
Small – UK dress size 12-16
Standard – UK dress size 16-20
Long – UK dress size 20+
X Long – This length is for those who want a long tail or for more intricate carries.
These will give you approximately a hip length tail when worn.